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Nothing is more unsightly than a perfect green lawn with a glaring dried up tree stump smack in the middle where everyone can see. If you did remove a tree that was causing trouble or on the verge of death, you likely have a tree stump left in its place. The process ends when you remove the tree stump.

Turn to us at Charlotte Tree Works to get rid of any tree stumps left on your property. Our years of experience in the Tree Service industry have taught us the best way to remove tree stumps without having to turn your entire yard upside down is by stump grinding.

We’ve got the powerful machines and the expertise needed to do a clean cut tree stump removal assignment. When we are done, you’ll barely be able to tell that there was an unsightly stump on the spot in question. You can then plant another tree, start a flower garden or build something on the area and not have to worry about what else you can and can’t do because the tree stump is now no longer a hindrance.

Our tree stump removal services are affordable and ranks top as one of our most requested services. All our tree service professionals are fully trained and they are well aware of how to remove a tree stump without a grinder. Call us now and get a free quotation.

There are various ways a tree stump can be removed.

  • By Hand – Removing stumps by hand works only on small, old, or rotting stumps. A chainsaw, digging bar, pick mattock, axe, length of chain, and a four-wheel-drive vehicle are needed.
  • Grinding –  Like the hand technique, the roots will have to be axed while stones and other obstacles are cleared. A chainsaw is used to cut the stump further to make grinding easier and less time-consuming.
  • By Burning – In this method, the stump isn’t simply lit. Holes are bored into it and filled with potassium nitrate. Water is poured into the holes to dissolve the chemical, and scrap wood is placed on top of the stump before ignition.

We have a team of expert tree stump removers that have worked on hundreds of properties yielding pleasant results. We have state of the art machinery and tools necessary to make the tree stump removal process fast and easy.

Our primary purpose is to keep your family safe. Give us a call at (704) 389-9875 to schedule an appointment to check and to make a proper plan to remove the unsafe tree stump around your house.

We provide 24/7 emergency service, so give us a call, and we’ll help relieve some of that burden with fast and efficient service.

We offer:

  • Same day tree stump assessment and tree stump removal service
  • 24/7 emergency tree stump removal service

If you want a premium tree stump removal in Charlotte NC or even the difficult job that other companies will walk away from, we will always take your call and we are always ready to serve you.

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